C+S I-IV | Syllabus

ceramics+sculpture studio rules

  • Tardies - 3rd: Teacher Detention, 4+: Dean Discipline
  • Students are responsible for cleaning tools and properly storing, picking up and discarding scraps of clay, washing tabletops and pottery wheels - this is a part of your grade 
  • Foster a SHARING and RISK TAKING learning environment when critiquing and creating
  • Use tools appropriately; speak and act respectfully; work throughout class period
  • Hall passes are given only in emergencies - go to your locker and restroom before class
lockers + supplies
  • An organized folder and pencil stored in class locker
  • Clay tools shared with partner for entire semester
ceramics+sculpture late work   Assignments turned in within a week after the due date will be 10% lower. I will not accept work over a week late or after the quarter grading periods.

ceramics+sculpture grading 100-90% A    89-80% B    79-70% C    69-60% D    59%-0% F
  • Planning & Problem Solving | research, drafting, risk taking
  • Creativity | unique and personalized solution, textures, unique forms
  • Composition | design & surface treatment
  • Craftsmanship & Technique | use of material, intentionality, well crafted
  • Studio Participation | work ethic, clean-up, attitude
Quarter 1 (40%) + Quarter 2 (40%) + Final (20%) = Semester Grade

course objective  This course introduces basic ceramics and sculpture techniques. Students will create decorative and functional art exploring mixed media sculptural methods, along with clay hand building, wheel throwing, glazing, and finishing processes. Social context, contemporary art, and art history will provide a basis for aesthetics, concepts, and criticism. This course will provide a student with a foundation in three-dimensional design and fabrication. It is strongly recommended for anyone who likes to work with their hands and interest in how to run an art studio. Supplies may include clay, wire, plaster, recycled objects, and paper.

content subject to change    Progressive Relief Sculpture; Press Mold Pottery; Pottery Series; 2 Pottery Wheel Cylinders; Layered Vase; Terra Cotta Sculpture; Interdisciplinary Sculpture; Thematic Teapot; Paper Sculpture; Collaborative + Public Artwork

course objective  This course is a continuation of Ceramics & Sculpture I on a higher level of competency. Students will work individually and collaboratively with intermediate sculptural and ceramics techniques. Specific periods of contemporary art and art history are introduced with the emphasis on artistic problems solved in three-dimensional art. Ceramics and Sculpture II students will further explore artistic statements and exhibition opportunities.

  • A folder and pencil to stay in the classroom
  • Plastic garbage bag(s) for storing clay projects
  • Extra Credit: Lotion, Soap, or Extra Garbage Bags
content subject to change    Avatars, Figurative Slab Vessel, Wheel Thrown Cylinder; Stacked Wheel Thrown Pottery, Raku - Architectural Form, Found Object Sculpture, Artist Research + Inspired Project, Collaborative + Public Art

course objective  This course continues with the goal to have highly motivated students master techniques in pottery, sculpture, installations, and surface treatment. Students will be encouraged to develop common themes, subject, and style in their body of work. This course is heavily dependent upon independent work skills and requires work time outside of class. Assignments require more time, effort, and commitment to excellence.