Thursday, January 19, 2012

C+S 2 | Stacked Form [wheelthrowing]

OBJECTIVE: Stack a wheel thrown form with one other (hand built or thrown) to make one vessel using WHEELTHROWING, COIL, PINCH, AND SLAB techniques including a body, shoulder, neck, + handles inspired by Acient Greek Vessels. view lesson 

1) Create a cylinder on the wheel and cut in half to show even wall thickness (1/4 inch sides, 1/2 inch bottom), right angle corner, + vertical walls.
2) Sketch out your two part design including a body, shoulder, neck, + 2 handles @ top.
3) Create your 1 foot design in two parts including atleast one wheel thrown piece.
4) Allow to become leather hard, score + slip, apply pressure, + secure with a coil.
5) Attach leather hard handles, add surface treatment, + fire.

 This excerpt is from an artical in Ceramics Monthly magazine. View the entire piece written by Andrea Parisho at

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