Tuesday, March 13, 2012

C+S2 | Art Interventionists!

Objective: Create a collaborative figure sculpture with a hidden face in a specific position placed in an intentional environment to provoke a reaction.

Research: view work by Mark JenkinsBanksy
Read through 'The Interventionists: Art in the Social Sphere' artical from the Museum of Contemporary Art in Massachusettes and respond to the following questions.
  a) What are art inventionists?
  b) Name two examples of Intervenionist art.
  c) List five new things you learned from this publication. 

Sketchbook + Proposal:
1. Individually brainstorm a list of 3 reactions or social comments you could work with.
2. Read through 6 ideas between you and your partner, then select your most intriguing theme.
3. Discuss and record where this installation would be set up around the school, why, how the body would be positioned, what clothing he or she would wear, how will you disguise hands, head, etc, and what reaction or discussion you are trying to provoke from the viewer?
4. Write up a proposal to me using the provided format and bring in any necessary outside materials to execute your installation. click here for proposal form

Sculpture Studio:
4. Create your lifesize form on one partner using an initial layer of plastic wrap and an additional layer or packing tape for each limb, torso, neck, and head.
5. Assemble all pieces using packing tape in the desired position.
6. Dress up your form hiding the face or mounting it in a way to address the 'faceless' person.
7. Install your work with a provided artist statement and plan to document the piece showing the viewers' reaction.

8. Present your findings to the class as a reflection of the overall process and your impact on the school environment.

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