Monday, April 9, 2012

C+S1 | Mad Hatter Teapots

Stoneware, Other
17.75" x 14" x 8.5"

objective: Apply your style + experience with pottery + sculpture to design + build a whimsical teapot or pitcher!

This is not your everyday spouted vessel - it should reflect your style both sculpturally + functionally. Include a handle, spout & lid in a visually engaging & exciting design solution. View your artwork here for style ideas!
Research & Sketches  due Tuesday 11\29   Preliminary sketches of teapot or pitcher & inspirational images  teapot slides    teapot research worksheet

Alice in Wonderland movie trailer!
Teapot/Pitcher  due Thursday 12/8    Well crafted, sculptural and engaging from all angles with a lid, handle & spout that are either hand built or thrown
Finishing  due Thursday 12/15    Glaze fired surface treatment
Fig.11 Prepare the spout for assembly.videos & links:
-how to make an altered teapot
-how to pull a handle

extra credit: Create additional wheel thrown or handbuilt tea set pieces (cup, saucer, creamer +10 pts each)

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