Tuesday, December 10, 2013

C+S FINAL EXAM: Artist Statement + Presentation

Sample Artist Statements: Maya Lin    Suzanne Zimmerman portfolio site  artist statement
Hear 3D artists talk about their work: Art 21 Video: Structures

Respond to the following questions about your artwork. Write this composition in paragraph form using specific examples and art vocabulary in 1,000+ words.

1.    Content  what?
a. What is the title and medium of your work?
b. What type of form did you create (be specific)? What is its purpose/function?
c.  Analyze: What does the piece look like (Elements of Art: color, size, form, texture, value, space, shape, line)?

2.    Process & Materials  how?
a.  Sculpture or Ceramic Process (wheel, hand building: slab, coil, pinch pot, etc.)?
b.  Surface Treatment (gloss glaze, under glaze, paint, sgraffito, incising, etc.)?
c.   Materials used for this project?

3.    Concept  why?
a.  What is the mood of the work?
b.  What is the message?
c.   How do you benefit from this piece? How does the public benefit?

4.    Art History & Inspiration  who, where, when?
a. What artists, objects, and other sources inspire your work?
b. Address whether this piece fits into a larger collection (body) of work
c. What will you do next in your artistic experience? Will you continue with these mediums and/or ideas?

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