Monday, January 6, 2014

C+S1 Entry Project: Paper Sculpture


PROJECT: Create a 6x6 inch ABSTRACT (simplified or distorted) 3D PAPER SCULTURE inspired by a theme that is meaningful to you. Demonstrate your understanding of the objectives below through planning, risk taking, design, original subject, technique, studio process, and articulation about your work.                     

Artichokes, paper sculptureMATERIALS: 4 sheets 8x10 tag board, glue, rulers, scissors, box cutter, templates
PLANNING: Research artists and subjects of interest, staple visuals for reference, review studio process and draw your ideas before sculpting.
ARTIST REFERENCES: Louise Nevelson, Valerie Buess, Alexander Calder
Altered Book ideasview paper relief sculpture galleryview 3D sculpture gallery

Art Altered Book Sculpture - folded Book paper Sculpture - Recycled Book - Eco friendly  Kusudama ELECTRA with flowers Hanging hot air balloon - paper sculpture / room decor / mobile

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