Tuesday, February 15, 2011

interdisciplinary sculpture

View award winning Illinois HS artwork
concept: Design & fabricate a sculpture inspired by a work or moment in art, writing, history, science, music, drama, dance... anything!

content: sculptural (non-functional) form made out of clay & mixed media; found objects, wire, wood, string, etc.

view ceramic sculpture gallery for ideas!

inspiration & process:
 (1) Make a list of interdisciplinary works you take interest in.
   a) music_________________    d) dance_________________    
   b) fine art________________    e) drama_________________    
   c) science________________    f) history_________________ 

 (2) List your favorite two ideas and translate your favorite three into a visual representation of the piece working either abstract (simplified or distorted) or realistic (represents existing object), through metaphoric (visual comparison) or literal (actual) symbolism.

 (3) Make a maquette, or small 3D model, of design.

 (4) Fabricate your design into a 1+ foot non-functional sculpture representing your interdisciplinary inspiration using clay coils, molding, & slabs accompanied by mixed media materials added in after firing, glazing, &/or painting.

view ceramic sculpture video featuring Tom Bartel

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