Tuesday, January 7, 2014

C+S2 ENTRY PROJECT | Chair Design [form+function]

objective: Design and fabricate a 6+ inch clay chair representative of your style, interests, and previous knoledge in ceramic arts.
Add one additional sculptural object to personalize design - make a story out of 3D Art!

Studio Process:
  1. Research chair designs
  2. Draw from 3 angles in sketchbook
  3. Create 3D 6+ inch design out of clay

Reflection - Concept: PART 1 
  • WHAT... did you make? is the function? does it look like?
  • WHY... did you make it? is your inspiration or subject? is your additional sculptural element? is the story?
  • WHO... is your audience? would like this based on its design and subject?
  • WHERE... would you use this chair? is a space that is most fit for the function + form?
  • HOW... will you improve the work in the last few studio days? will you glaze the piece to complement the form + concept?

Reflection - Criteria: PART 2
    • Is all biqueware (white fired clay) covered with paint?
    • What type of style is the mark making (gestural, neat, minimalist, expressive, rustic). Does it look like an intentional application of pigment?
    • What is the background color and aesthetic?
    • What is the foreground color, details, or textures? What more could be added for interest?
    • List one or more suggestions towards improving the work before turning in.
    • Share two or more successful attributes to this project.

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