Friday, October 4, 2013

C+S1 | Abstract Sculpture

OBJECTIVE  Design + construct a 10 inch abstract three-dimensional sculpture inspired by a song using original imagery, negative space, texture, and detail.                                   project lesson + sketches

abstract art Simplified or distorted imagery
realistic art - Imagery that looks an existing object or scene
sculpture - Non-functional three-dimensional form (activate space, multiple sides, in the round)
pottery - Functional containers that can 'hold' something; useful
texture - Surface treatment created in clay by carving back, pressing in, or adding on pieces
concept/inspiration - Use of a subject or symbolism to represent an idea in a piece of art

PietMondrian, Henri Matisse, Henry MoorePablo Picasso, Contemporary Art

PLANNING + SKETCHES  Choose a song, draw symbols related to its message, beat, or mood, design a 3D form showing simplified and distorted imagery.

 sculpture demos: additive process    detail + texture    figurative    posing figure
1. To practice, make a maquette (tiny model) of your form using a tennis ball sized piece of clay. Build solid and use it as a 3D sketch for reference when building large sculpture.

2. Get approval on maquette and create a 3D large scale sculpture (10+ in) following the steps below.
    1. Use slabs, coils, and pinching , then attach pieces by scoring and slipping.
    2. Build solid, then carve out from bottom OR cut in half, carve out, + reattach for walls that are even ¼ inch thickness.
    3. Poke a needle sized hole in bottom for trapped air to escape
    4. Create textures (surface treatment) and build/carve details on at least ½ the surface.
    5. Clean up craft once leather hard and carve initials on bottom.

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