Monday, September 16, 2013

clay: finishing processes

COLOR - light reflecting on surface Color schemes: analogous [next to each other on color wheel], thematic [holiday, patriotic, etc], monochromatic [one color in different shades]
Acrylic Painted Sculpture

PAINT - pigment (watercolor=wash, acrylic=plastic): not permanent, do not fire (will burn off), not dinnerware safe, decorative only

UNDERGLAZE - colored slip: permanent after fired, apply on greenware or bisque ware, use for sgrafitto or 'painted' look, not dinnerware safe.
  • Underglaze + Paint TIPS: Apply in one direction, start with lighter values and finish with darker values, colors do not melt or change after application or firing, layer as desired, blend and shade to show shadows + detail, dilute with water for thinner/transparent finish

GLOSS GLAZE - glass finish on surface: permanent after fired, apply on bisque ware only, color changes, and melts in kiln - always refer to glaze tiles, layering is unpredicatable, dinnerware safe
    1. Wash off clay
    2. gloss glazed pottery
    3. Mix Glaze = chocolate milk consistency (wash off stir stick)
  2. DIP (brush Clear)     or bamboo BRUSH 3+ coats
    1. POUR glaze inside, turn to coat, and pour back in bucket
    2. DIP outside updside-down only 1-2 times
    3. LAYER dip a second time covering lip, or horizontally with 2+colors
    4. SMOOTH bubbles of dry glaze with dry finger. 
    5. Cracking? It's probably too thick, wash off and try again after consulting teacher.
    6. Be sure entire surface inside and out is covered, except bottom...
    1. Wash off bottom (lid and foot) with wet sponge over sink 1/4 inch up sides
  4. STORE
    1. Still working? Store in locker or cabinet.
    2. Place on GLAZE CART in Kiln Room when finished

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