Wednesday, August 29, 2012

C+S2 | outdoor sculpture

Site-Specific Approach                                          

  • A woman meditating in a garden is appropriate to this site in Bali.

    Sculptures are often specific to a particular site. The site determines the style, material, scale and subject matter of the sculpture. The artist must go to the site, examine the surroundings and question the owner or guardian of the property regarding his intentions. This kind of sculpture is borne out of specific needs and requirements rather than arbitrary artistic expression. A small garden setting will require a different sculpture than a wide concrete entry to a major corporation, and the site-specific work will be a reflection of the setting.

Temporary Outdoor Exhibition

  • "The Gates" by Christo and Jeanne-Claude was a temporary installation in NYC.

    Art may be created as an event or statement for some short-term purpose with the intention of removing the work after a period of days or weeks. The artist may be commissioned to undertake a work for a special celebration or holiday.
    In some cases the artwork itself is the event. The artist Christo and his late wife Jeanne-Claude created work on an enormous scale that requires environmental impact studies and teams of engineers. They are committed to removing their art within a two-week period and restoring the surroundings to the original condition.

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