Tuesday, April 2, 2013

C+S1|Textured Raku Dish

objective: Create a small dish over a mold using a textured slab.  

process:    view RAKU FIRING VIDEO + POST
1) Use plastic clay to roll out a square or circle slab that is 5 inches across. Tear or cut edges creatively.

2) Cover slab with a texture by pressing in stamps, objects, tools, or screen/textured sheet into surface.

3) Drape a paper towel on a cylindrical container/mold.

4) Drape clay on top of mold and 'fold' edges to take on form into a dish form. Press bottom of bowl to sit flat when right side up.

5) Use hair dryer to make clay leather hard, carve in initials, take off and place on drying rack.

6) Glaze with RAKU glazes and contribute to firing next Friday!

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