Wednesday, May 2, 2012

C+S2 | Assemblage Sculpture

Assemblage by Laura Lein Svencner

concept: Create a sculpture out of existing objects that communicates an idea through many surface layers of paint, images, words, and color.

materials: found objects, gesso, mixed media, wire, gel medium, prints, cardboard, & acrylic paint
design + concept: What is your theme? What 3-4 colors will you work with for this design? What objects + imagery will you use to communicate your theme?
1)   CONCEPT | List 5+ themes for your project then choose your favorite + list materials.
a.       Use visual metaphors, words, + symbols on the surface.
b.      Choose a color scheme of 3-4 COLORS to work with related to your idea.
2)   Paint a layer of gesso on the surface of your object and allow it to dry.
3)   VARIETY | Search National Geographic mags for 3-10 images that relate to your idea + colors of interest.
a.       Rip edges and sand image in two directions to make it look weathered.
4)   Find 1-2 pattern papers that complement your idea, colors, + imagery. Rip off pieces that vary in size (6”x6”-1”x1”) to cover object.
5)   COLOR + SHAPE | Arrange photos + pattern paper in a balanced + unified composition.
a.       Apply a clear layer of gel medium on object, place down paper, and apply a second layer of gel medium on top. Allow to dry.
b.      Brush transparent colors (gel medium + drop of color) all over artwork considering color BALANCE, UNITY, VARIETY, + CONTRAST.
6)   Add a third layer of painted patterns, images, and fields of color.
7)   TEXTURE | Adhere 4-10 3D items (beads, toys, plants, etc) using a dab of gel medium beneath the objects.
8)   FOCAL POINT | Print 2 small (1”x1”) and 1 large (3”x3”) black graphics for a focal point about your idea. WARNING: image will be backwards when applied!
a.       Search Google Images + show me for approval first.
b.      Print all images on provided paper, cut along very edge removing all white paper, apply a 3 layers of polymer on top of graphic.
c.       Paint polymer onto object surface, allow to dry, then iron image face down onto object.
d.      Soak paper with water (sponge/brush) and carefully slide off backing.

9)   CRAFT + UNITY | Apply a layer of polymer over entire piece. Allow to dry and use an iron to seal all edges.

art history & inspiration   Joseph Cornell  Laura Lein Svencner   Louise Nevelson  Margaret Wharton

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