Thursday, September 5, 2013

Found Object Sculpture

Design Problem: Take an existing 3D object + give it a new identity or message by resurfacing the form with other smaller materials.

3D Object Ideas: second hand store item, toy, doll, shoe, hat, book, sports equipt, old technology, bag, mug, thick branch, chair, glasses

Surface Materials: string, yarn, pennies, stamps, gummy or hard candies, buttons, packaging, bottle tops, pop cans or bottles (cut up), beads, wires, sand, rubber bands, crayons, office materials, paper clips, safety pins, pencils, cheerios

Process: wrap, sew, glue, nail, staple, pin, tape... cover ENTIRE SURFACE!
found objects dog scupture
Donald Edwards
'Teddy Bear,' mixed media. (Benton Museum of Art Photo)
'Teddy Bear'  Benton Museum of Art

The Chemical Straightjacket - found object sculpture by Jud Turner, copyright 1995
Jud Turner

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